Windsor Tile Cleaning | Windsor Grout Cleaning

When it comes to tiles and grouts, dirt and filth can gather in very hard to reach places. Nobody understands this better than we do at Sparkling Cleaning Services. Tile and grout cleaning is so difficult because dirt and contaminants build up over time. Usually this ends up making your surfaces look old and worn out beyond their years. Grout has a tendency to darken and appear discolored and regular cleaning methods used in the home are usually not up to the task.

We only apply the most top quality cleaning solutions designed to remove dirt, grease and stains. This environmentally friendly method not only removes all filth and bacteria, but it also leaves an immaculate shine.

Floor Strip/Wax

Many offices are covered with either vinyl floors. This is why stripping and waxing floors should be a top priority for any business that wants to make a solid impression to their clients. In high traffic areas like entrances and hallways, scoffing, staining and other marks build up all too quickly. Moreover many vinyl floors have a tendency to be light colored, making keeping them clean a constant challenge.

We offer a variety of floor stripping and waxing services. Some of our clients, for instance, prefer to have this done on a monthly basis. Others can usually choose to have us visit their premises either quarterly or annually. Like all of the other services we tailor ourselves to your expectations.

High Speed buffing

Sparkling Cleaning Services offers top quality high speed buffing for your floors. By heating the finished floor and spreading the wax evenly, high speed buffing is known for giving the characteristic glossy shine found in many buildings.

With bristles the rotate at over 1200 RPMS, our floor polishers, manned by seasoned professionals, will bring you the floor shine you have always wanted.

Pet Stain and Odor removal

Despite the fact that we love our pets we all know that on occasion they have a tendency to leave unwanted odors and stains lying around. If left unchecked, these problems can accumulate to the point where not only will your place be dirtier and smellier than it should be, but it can even pose a health risk. Pet odors and dander can lead to such unpleasant side effects as respiratory ailments, allergies, and other types of illness. Pet stains and odors have a tendency to be very stubborn. The problem is that these nuisances can embed themselves deeply into the fibers of your carpets, upholstery, mats, and furniture.

Using only the best and safest solutions and other products, we guarantee to get rid of all unpleasant pet odors and unsightly pet stains. Not only do we know odors and stains, we also know fabrics. Many competitors, for instance, don't take into account how fabrics interact with cleaning products. This can lead to unnecessarily damaged fibers in your furniture and carpets. Sparkling Cleaning Services will we do an immaculate cleaning job; and we guarantee to leave even your most delicate fibers and fabrics fully intact.